Our Certifications...

• I-Car Trained
• ASE Certified
• CSI Complete

What does it mean to be I-CAR Trained?

I-CAR Gold Class certified auto body collisionWhen you've been involved in a collision, you want someone who is reliable - someone you can trust to repair your vehicle quickly and properly. You want a Gold Class Professionals business. Why? I-CAR Gold Class Professionals have the training and knowledge to properly inspect and repair your vehicle after a collision. They are trained to detect hidden damage to your vehicle and help your vehicle look and drive as well as it did before the collision.

I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, is an international not-for-profit organization which specializes in collision repair training. Today's vehicles are complex. Therefore, signs of training, like the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals symbol, are important to look for when your vehicle needs collision repair. If your vehicle is not repaired correctly, it may not look and drive the way it did before the collision. Or, it may not protect you and your family if you're involved in another collision.

Gold Class Professionals, including Corlett Auto Restoration, Inc., are collision repair businesses, insurance companies, glass businesses, recyclers, suppliers and distributors, and other collision industry businesses that have achieved the highest level of recognition for training in the collision repair industry. They are businesses dedicated to training their employees on the latest collision repair technology to provide you the best collision repair service possible.

ASE – Certifying the Automotive Professional

Corlett Auto is ASE CertifiedFinding a competent auto technician need not be a matter of chance. Much of the guesswork has been eliminated, thanks to national program conducted by the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

ASE tests and certifies automotive professionals in all major technical areas of repair and service. With some 437,000 currently certified professionals, the ASE program is national in scope and has industry-wide acceptance and recognition. ASE-certified professionals can be found at every type of repair facility, from dealerships, service stations, and franchises to parts stores, independent garages, and even municipal fleets where individuals have met that standard of training, expertise and performance. And you'll find them here at Corlett Auto Restoration, Inc.

CSI Complete – Customer Satisfaction Index

Corlett Auto is CSI Complete CertifiedIt's not just technical competence that counts, but customer service and responsiveness as well. CSI (Customer Satisfaction Indexing) is a systematic program used by Corlett Auto Restoration for monitoring business performance by gaining feedback from our customers. CSI-Complete is an independent assessment organization that surveys our customers and gives us feedback so we can make sure we meet and exceed your expectations.