Specialized Equipment and Supplies

* Chief EZ Liner Frame Machine
* Shark Electronic Measuring System
* Computerized Diagnostics
* Postive pressure down draft heated paint booth
* GLASURIT refinish products (BASF) Shark EM System
* Mitchell Computerized Estimation

More on the Shark Electronic Measuring System

When your vehicle is damaged in a collision, the basic structure can be affected. This is often called "indirect" or "hidden" damage. It is damage that you can't see, but it's there. "Hidden damage", if not diagnosed and repaired, can cause problems later. Tire wear or suspension and driveability problems can result ifstructureal damage is not properly corrected.

With Shark Computerized diagnostics, we can locate hidden damage, allowing corrections to be made which will restore the structural integity of your vehicle.

Your automobile is one of the most important investments you will make. It is an extension of yourself — a statement of sophistication and style. Our collision repair facility is equipped to maintain that investment.

By selecting our collision repair facility, you can be confident that your vehicle has been diagnsed and repaired with sophisitacted electronic equipment operated by technicians trained in the precise methods of collision repair. We use the Shark Computerized Electronic Measuring System, your assurance of professional reconstruction and total quality. Using compue5rized ultrasound technology, Shark identifies and verifies the vehicle structure before the repair, monitors during the repair, and documents correction after the repair.

Prior to repair...
When your vehicle is damaged, the basic structure of your vehicle can be affected, even though you may not be able to see the damage. Thse problems can show up later in tire wear and other suspension or driveability problems if it is not corrected. By using Shark Computerized diagnostics, we can make sure structureal integrity of your vehicle is returned. Shark pinpoints any "hidden damage" and calculates the deviations from specification stored in Shark's database. Probes are connected to the reference points to be measured. Shark then calculates deviations from the manufacturers specifications. Structural damage is identified and verified by the computer. The Shark intelligence permits precise accuracy to serve as the template for the repair process to begin.